Cordelia Vorkosigan Flimsy Dolls

From the 'Barayarran Imperial Hostesses Color-Your-Own Flimsy Dolls' book

Adapted by melannen / Barrayar from Lois McMaster Bujold / Index for more.

Betan fatigue jacket, pants, boots, and belt; hand holding nerve disruptor; hair in bun; loose hair with combs; sandals; dark-floral-patterned dress; sun hat; over-shoulder sash with maple leaf pattern
Betan Military Fatigues
Countess Vorkosigan was born on Beta Colony, where she reached the rank of Captain in the Betan military. Her husband first proposed to her while she was in a prisoner-of-war camp. Betan women's fatigues in the Countess's time could be either sandy tan or sky blue.

Wedding Dress
Countess Vorkosigan was married in a private ceremory shortly after her arrival on Barrayar. She wore the same Galactic-style sundress in a dark floral which she had bought on her journey to her new planet.
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