Cordelia Vorkosigan Flimsy Dolls

From the 'Barayarran Imperial Hostesses Color-Your-Own Flimsy Dolls' book

Adapted by melannen / Barrayar from Lois McMaster Bujold / Index for more.

Loose turtleneck, short vest, mid-calf skirt, mid-calf laced sandals, draped and pleated dress with wide skirt, floral garland, and matching slippers, planetary necklace
Sergyaran Outfit
As the first Vicereine of Sergyar, Countess Vorkosigan helped to create the distinctive Sergyaran costume which combined Komarran, Betan, and local Dendarii Mountain styles for a soft, loose, feminine yet practical look.

Winterfair Gown
Countess Vorkosigan could be seen at every major social event of the Vorbarr Sultana Season, in sweeping gowns of soft earth tones that called to mind the mountains and fields of her adopted home.
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