Troll Romance Shipping Grid Maker

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Enter symbols or initials for characters in the text box, separated by commas (the text box will accept basic html, including img tags, but keep them small).

To add a ship symbol, click your mouse on a grid square: once for hearts, twice for diamonds, three times for spades, four times for clubs, five times to clear again.

To restart, reload page, or clear text box and enter new character list.

To get your current grid as an HTML table (suitable for posting on social media, etc.), click the button below, and then copy-paste the output. Note that the output table will have default table styling (and will not be clickable.)

To save your current grid as an image file, press the printscreen key and then paste into your favorite image editing program

This is a very early and unpretty version; I am teaching myself javascript. It has been tested in Opera 12.10 and QTWeb 3.7; ymmv if you're using one of those other browsers.

Here are some cheats you can copy and paste into the entry box for your character list, if you want fully coded Homestuck character symbols. Note that some unicode symbols may not display on all browsers or systems. You can combine or re-order these lists, just make sure there is a comma between every entry.

Troll romance and related concepts are from MS Paint Adventures by the Hon. Andrew Hussie
Javascript shipping grid by melannen (